Surrender Strategy in Blackjack

A number of online casino software developers have integrated a surrender option into their blackjack games. This strategy can be a huge benefit to your blackjack game, but only when you understand how to use it correctly.

What Is Surrender in Blackjack?

The surrender strategy was created to give players the opportunity to keep more of their winnings by escaping an obvious loss without losing the entire bet. The surrender option can be used in any hand, but must be selected as soon as the initial cards are dealt to both the player and the dealer. By surrendering, the player forfeits half of his or her bet, but the other half is returned.

Deciding When to Surrender

Players who use the surrender option unnecessarily will never make a profit playing online blackjack. Those who never use surrender as part of their blackjack strategy are losing money as well. Individuals who know when to surrender can maximize their winnings and walk away with a bigger bankroll. There are several factors to consider, including the number of decks in use and the table rules.

Best Surrender Strategies

There are several guidelines for surrendering in blackjack and they vary depending on the factors mentioned above. A good rule of thumb is to develop a surrender strategy for hands with a value of 15, 16, or 17, particularly when the dealer is holding a face card, a ten, or an ace. Perfecting any blackjack strategy takes time so be sure to try out different techniques.

Learning how to effectively use the surrender strategy may not seem worth the effort, but the benefit of knowing when to surrender and when to pass will have a tremendous impact on your blackjack winnings.