About Online Craps

Many people who are at all familiar with gambling have at least heard of the game of craps. The following information discusses its overall history--from its origin to the latest versions of internet software.

The Origins of Craps

While the origins of the game of craps are still relatively unknown, it is thought that an English knight by the name of Richard Epstein developed the game after taking control of a European castle. As the story goes, Epstein and his companions became so bored after gaining control of the property that they began to develop ways to pass the time. Craps is thought to have originated here and made its way across Europe and eventually into the Americas.

The Name of the Game

Since the history surrounding craps is still a bit hazy, it is somewhat difficult for historians to determine the actual name of the game when it was first established. After years of study and deduction, the current thought is that the word 'craps' is derived from a French word meaning toad--'crapeaud'. Others have made attempts to date the word back to ancient Italy and even old Latin, the French version is the most accepted among scholars.

Modern Craps

Craps made its way into the Americas during the late 1800s and has since been a wonderful addition to casinos in Las Vegas and other parts of the world. Since it is easy to play but difficult to master, many players find it a challenge to memorize all of the different bets and side bets they can place. Internet craps rooms seek to provide tutorials and free gaming that will help new players learn the game.

As is evident, craps is a game that is centuries old but still enjoyed by millions of people in all of the corners of the globe. Though it is wonderful to play in land-based and online casinos, anyone with a pair of dice and a bit of knowledge can host a game of their own.